Anyone who has suffered through a back or neck injury knows how hard it is to find a doctor who can help you get better without the fog of medication or the risks of surgery. After seven years of international travel and consulting with the world’s best clinicians, Dr. Scott Gray developed the Gray Method, a type of treatment that addresses the root causes of pain. In 2017, he started Back in Motion Sport & Spine Physical Therapy, where he helps athletes, business professionals, and seniors with a range of back, neck and knee issues feel better and become active again.

My successes. 

Gray found immediate success by opening his business in a gym, where he can tap into the clientele that is already regularly on site. After having been in business for just three months, he was already earning $20,000 per month in revenue and about $10,000 per month in profits.

How SCORE helped. 

Gray sought out SCORE to get feedback on his business plan and approach before opening. He worked with SCORE mentor David Hamblett, who he says, “did an amazing job of keeping me on track and finally getting my business launched.” Gray also benefitted from SCORE’s vast network of contacts and networking opportunities.

Gray advises other potential entrepreneurs to be persistent and to know from the beginning how they’re going to attract and keep customers. “It’s ok to not know everything or how you’re going to succeed. You just need to take action and start the process,” he says.

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