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For a preview, listen to this Podcast:  How to Start and Maintain a Nonprofit – free practical advice for SCORE partners and clients 

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Monday, August 3, 8:00 AM  Introduction to Federal Government Contracting

Have you ever wanted to do business with the federal government, but just didn’t know where to start? The federal government is the largest buyer of goods and services worldwide, purchasing over $500B every year to make government work. Join Althea Harris, Area 1 Assistant District Director from the US SBA South Florida District Office who will introduce you to the federal marketplace.  Registration Required.

Monday, August 3, 2015 1:00 PM Marketing to the Government Buyer

This webinar will allow 7j eligible firms to learn about marketing tools and opportunities; recognize various marketing concepts; develop a Capabilities Summary and Marketing Plan and more. Registrants will be asked to self certify their firms as 7j eligible. Registration Required.

Monday, August 3, 2015 2:00 PM  Creative Options for Funding Your Faith-Based Mission 

Join Althea Harris, Area 1 Assistant District Director from the US SBA South Florida District Office on this webinar to discuss creative ways non-profits can use the SBA to support their missions. Registration Required.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015  9:00 AM  Before & After Disaster Strikes: Preparedness & Recovery

Join  Althea Harris, Area 1 Assistant District Director from the US SBA South Florida District Office as she takes you through the cycle of preparation, disaster, and recovery. Althea will also share the role SBA plays in helping you succeed before and after a disaster. Registration Required.

August 4, 2015 1:00 PM  Capture Management

This webinar is designed for 7j eligible firms. This webinar will allow participants to: • Provide a definition and practical steps in the Capture Management process • Explain methodologies to identify business opportunities for small business • Explain both internal and external analysis processes that compose the Capture Management process • Explain how to apply the Capture Management process in your business • Explain how to apply lessons learned and tips related to Capture Management • Identify management techniques for managing the capture process Registrants will be asked to self-certify themselves as 7j firms. Registration Required.

Tuesday, August 4, 2:00 PM Marketing and Goal Setting for Your Business

 Join Althea Harris, Area 1 Assistant District Director from the US SBA South Florida District Office to discuss why your business is in the marketplace. This webinar will review these questions and help attendees focus for a few minutes on the "Why?" of their businesses and help determine if it is connecting with their customers. Join us! Registration Required.

Wednesday, August 5, 9:00 AM Orientation and Business Counseling

Interested in starting a small business? This webinar will provide you with an overview of how the WBC helps you get started with the process of owning your own business. Learn about the WBC’s services, including business education, consultations, and networking opportunities. This will allow for a more productive counseling session.  This event is being hosted by the The Centre for Women in Tampa. Registration Required.

Wednesday, August 5, 12:00 PM  Open the Door to Bonding!

The SBA Surety Bond Program can help your small business get bonded! This webinar will help you learn about Contract bonds and what they are used for; SBA's surety bond guarantee program and the eligibility requirements. Presented by Tamara Murray, SBA Marketing Underwriting Specialist . Registration Required.

Wednesday , August 5, 1:00 PM   Strategic Planning for Small Business

This webinar is designed for 7j eligible firms. This webinar will allow participants to explain the strategic planning process steps and the advantages of strategic planning to the small business owner • Identify where strategic planning fits in the business process cycle • Recognize the importance of strategic planning • Summarize strategic planning benefits and pitfalls • Distinguish the difference between strategic planning, business planning, and long-range planning Registrants will be asked to self-certify themselves as 7j firms. Registration Required.

Wednesday , August 5,2015  2:30 PM Government Contracting Vehicles

This webinar is designed for 7j eligible firms. This webinar will allow participants to: • Recall when, how and why the Federal Government uses contracting vehicles • Identify the variety of contract vehicles that may be appropriate to your small business • Determine how to find appropriate contract vehicles • Become a more effective and profitable provider of goods and services to the Federal Government clients Registrants will be asked to self-certify themselves as 7j firms.  Registration Required.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015 3:30 PM  B.Y.O.B. - Be Your Own Boss

Dreaming about starting a business? Are you ready to leave corporate America? This webinar will cover the Mindset of an Entrepreneur as well as the Credentials, Character, Capabilities and Commitment that it takes to be an Entrepreneur. This webinar will prepare you to BYOB- Be Your Own Boss. Presenter: Stacey Banks Houston, MBA, WBC’s Program Director and author of the Passion Plan: Journaling Your Business from Passion to Position to Profit. Cost: FREE (Advance Registration Required).

Thursday, August 6, 2015 1:00 PM  Using E-Commerce to Generate Federal Business Opportunities

This webinar is designed for 7j eligible firms. This webinar will allow participants to: • Use E-Commerce to: • Explain the requirements and process for selling to the federal government • Determine whether the government purchases your good or service • Locate Agency Procurement Forecasts • Discuss methods for learning key information about potential government customers • Identify various sources of government solicitations and explain how to use them • Recall Internet Tools designed to help Small Business Registrants will be asked to self-certify themselves as 7j firms.  Registration Required

Most webinars are scheduled for one hour. Participants can ask questions about the information. Log-in and connection information can be accessed by clicking on course titles. Registration is encouraged so instructors can provided last minute log-in instructions or other change information if needed...

In Person Events

Saturday August 1, 2015 10:30 am  FORT LAUDERDALE  Continuum of Credit: Financing Your Small Business seminar

Join  Althea Harris, Area 1 Assistant District Director from the US SBA South Florida District Office, at the 2015 National Urban League Conference where she will be part of the finance panel for the to discuss  the best way to finance your small business even if you are  unsure of the options? Explore the “ecosystem” of lenders, including banks and CDFIs, and government agencies that can assist minority entrepreneurs in obtaining capital  you will not want to miss this discussion.  LEARN MORE

Saturday August 1, 2015 11:30am FORT LAUDERDALE  Como Hacer negocios con el gobierno

Hispanic Unity y Broward SCORE presentan una nueva serie de talleres especiales para nuevos empresarios.  Los temas se enfocarán en diferentes formas de como generar un incremento en los ingresos y beneficios de su negocio a través de: las ventas y marketing, el uso de redes sociales, exportación y negocios con el condado de Broward.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015 & Wedensday August 5, 2015 8:00 AM   Boots To Business Workshop

NOTE: Veterans, military retirees and their spouses are eligible on a space available basis. This workshop is tailored for active duty military personnel and their spouses who are transitioning out of the military. YOU MUST HAVE ACCESS TO MACDILL AIR FORCE BASE! This TWO DAY workshop helps prepare military personnel and their spouses for developing a small business. After completing Boots to Business, participants will have the tools and knowledge they need to identify a business opportunity, draft a business plan, and launch their enterprise.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015 5:30 PM Nova Southeastern University Basics of Opening and Managing a Restaurant!

If you are thinking of opening a restaurant this workshop should be your first stop. Invest 3 hours of your time and come away with a solid understanding of what you are getting into and how to get started. Entrepreneurs thinking of getting into the business need to have a solid basis for understanding what goes into setting up a restaurant, making it restaurant profitable and how to increase those profits year over year. Learn basic steps to getting going: Location selection and negotiating a lease Start from scratch or buy an existing restaurant Determining start up costs Calculating sales and expenses Marketing strategies to get patrons through the door Hiring and paying staff Setting your customer service levels Finding suppliers Repeat customers - getting them back more often.  This event is hosted by Broward SCORE.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015 6:00 PM - FORT LAUDERDALE  Discover Effective Selling

This workshop will utilize the DISC Model of Human Behavior to help business owners, sales people and anyone involved in sales learn how to quickly connect with the buyer and sell the way the customer wants to buy. Selling is influencing Therefore, establishing credibility is essential to sales effectiveness. A strategy built on adapting to the “right fit” for a given prospect will reinforce credibility with every interaction! The training teaches you how to apply behavioral-based selling strategies then adjust for each prospect’s behavior style. Participants will learn: The Four DISC styles and...how to recognize them in yourself and others. The role personality and behavior styles play in the buy-sell relationship. How to “connect” with your buyer/prospect in the way they buy. What to communicate to your buyer/prospect to improve sales performance & maximize results. How to communicate to your buyer/prospect to improve sales performance & maximize results. This event is being hosted Broward SCORE.

Wednesday August 5, 2015 , 6:00 PM  FORT LAUDERDALE Email Marketing Mini-Boot Camp [recurring]

You will learn how to: Create your first email in Constant Contact step by step Work with graphics (import, size, and link) Add, edit, and format text Insert attachments, YouTube videos and social media buttons Modify your email template (color, blocks, and spell check) Add or Import your contacts or customer names Schedule and send your email Learn how to setup your email to help you reach and grow your audience Practice creating a subject line that is irresistible See how to use the reporting feature to improve your performance month after month. Use “tags” to segment your contacts beyond lists and create a more personalized experience.  This event is being hosted Broward SCORE.

Friday , August 7, 8:00 AM FORT MYERS Access To Capital Fair

The Second Annual FSBDC Florida Gulf Coast University Access to Capital Fair is an opportunity for financial institutions to meet small business owners and entrepreneurs who are seeking financial funding.  This event is being hosted by the Florida Gulf Coast SBDC.

 Saturday,August 8, 2015 9:30 AM PEMBORKE PINES Pasos sencillos para iniciar su negocio

Taller # 1 y 2: Listo para comenzar? La gran idea! sábado, 8 de agosto, – 9:30 AM - 3:00 PM(Se provee almuerzo) Mitos y realidades del espíritu empresarial - La verdad sobre la propiedad de las empresas ¿Tiene lo que se necesita? - La evaluación de sus habilidades y experiencia Conozca sus opciones: diferentes tipos de negocios – Diferentes medios de iniciar un negocio Aprenda los aspectos prácticos y legales de emprender un nuevo negocio Conceptos básicos del plan de negocios - ¿Por qué usted necesita un plan de negocios? Obtenga la clave de su negocio - Pasos de desarrollo - Ajustes del concepto de su negocio Como realizar estudios de mercado - Los pasos para identificar su audiencia, objetivos y razones de compra Como realizar investigaciones competitivas - ¿Cómo saber lo que sus competidores practican? Fijación de precios de su producto o servicio - Aprenda cual es el precio adecuado de su producto para el éxito empresarial. This event is being hosted by the Florida Gulf Coast SBDC.  

Saturday, August 8, 2015 10:00 AM,  PEMBROKE PINES Thinking of Owning a Business

Do you dream about starting a business? You are not alone - millions of Americans share that dream. And yet, not everyone has the courage to get started. But if you are reading this you have already taken the first steps towards turning your dream into a reality. This interactive three-hour seminar will deal with the key information you need to be considering as you move forward. Topics covered are: Myths and Realities of Entrepreneurship - The truth about business ownership Do you have what it takes - Assessing your skills & experience Know your options: Different types of businesses - A closer look at various ways of starting a business Components of business ownership - Understanding the many roles you'll play as a business owner Making it legal - The nuts & bolts of launching a new business Business plan basics - Why you need a business plan. This event is being hosted by Broward SCORE.

Some "In Person" events may charge a fee. Please click on link for more details and any costs.


The U.S. Small Business Administration and AARP are teaming up to host “Summer of Encore Mentoring” events targeted at entrepreneurs over the age of 50. Building on the success of past joint SBA and AARP Mentor Days, the two organizations will match “encore entrepreneurs” with successful business owners and community leaders for advice and assistance.  In August, The SBA South Florida District Office will host three “Summer of Encore Mentoring” events.

To register visit the links below:

For the August 19th event in New Port Richey :

Learn more

For the August 24th event in West Palm Beach:

Learn more   

For the August 27th event in Fort Lauderdale:

Learn more  

September 16-18, 2015 LENDERS ONLY- 4th Annual FLAGGL Lender Conference

Join the North and South District Offices and SBA Region IV Administrator, Cassius Butts at the 4th Annual FLAGGL Lender Conference in Kissimmee, FL.  SBA staff will present on the current state of SBA lending in Florida.  FLAGGL (Florida Association of Government Guaranteed Lenders) provides networking, education and promotes awareness of all Government Guaranteed Lending Programs to the small business community throughout Florida.  LEARN MORE



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